This is where we’re supposed to tell you about all the homes we’ve helped people sell, hundreds of positive reviews we have, the different degrees and certifications we’ve obtained that makes us credible, the civic and community awards we’ve received, and other wonderful things about us, that are all written in third person LOL. Right? Well, we would rather keep the focus on how we can assist you instead! Isn’t that where the focus should be?

As you’ll see, when you work with a top rated Home Solutions Finder, you get one of the top rated home buying companies in the city of San Antonio, that truly helps people when they need it most. As a company, we strongly believe in holding ourselves to the highest standard, being compassionate towards people’s situation and always operating with integrity. We’re extremely grateful for the opportunity to help people like yourself transition into a better situation, while bringing some of San Antonio’s houses back to their former glory in the process. 

With over 8+ years serving in the United States Army, and the 100’s of Real Estate transactions we’ve facilitated, negotiated, and experienced, we can certainly empathize with each client’s unique situation. Understanding your home selling experience is a big step that consumes a lot of time and emotional energy, and we believe you should be supported by people who will treat your needs like a family member.

We make it simple to sell your house fast for cash and make the process as stress-free as we can for you. There are no realtor fees to pay, no appraisals to go through, no repairs to make, and no financing approval period. We simply do a quick walk through, present a no obligation cash offer, and you choose the closing date – we can close in as little as 9 days. It’s that easy. We even pay all your title and closing fees!

Both driven and equally as dedicated, we strive to make your goals a reality by being there for you from the initial thought to closing and cash in your bank account. Our job is to make life easier for you by removing the stress, eliminating time wasters, and more importantly, greatly reducing the risk of you staying in a situation you truly desire to get out of. Any home decision is one that’s too important to leave to chance! Be confident in knowing that the choice you made is one you will be happy with years after you’ve signed the agreement, which is what we strive to provide for you… 

Sal Martinez – When I’m not helping homeowners navigate the best options for their situation and getting them the most cash for their home, I love spending time with my four children and teaching them about the ways they can also help people with home solutions, in ways that align with their interest, gifts, and talents.